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    University of Idaho – Part 1

    March 8, 2014

March 8, 2014

University of Idaho – Part 1

University of Idaho’s ASUI Vandal Entertainment board hosted us for a groundbreaking campus event titled, “COME JOIN THE CIRCUS: A Massive Electronic Dance Party”. Hoping to introduce festival-style EDM events to campus, the board wanted to give the student body a totally new experience, unlike anything they had seen before. Naturally, we were absolutely thrilled to be able to expand the rave scene to another level in an area where dedicated EDM fans were few and far between.

We really wanted to bring the circus theme to life, so we ended up purchasing hundreds of feet of circus flags, a zoo’s worth of inflatable animals, balloons, glow sticks, as well as integrating various performance visuals into the new 3D configuration of our stage using projection mapping.

Since Moscow is so close, the crew decided we’d road trip it up there from our home base in Portland, and take a much-needed break from flying. After a few days of thoroughly testing the new lighting control system and projection stage at the NXT Lab, we pounded some Guayaki, crammed everything into a van, and hit the road.


A few hundred miles, three bathroom breaks, and a bunch of roadside thai food later, we were rolling through the golden fields of the Palouse.

We were fortunate to have some awesome volunteers show up and help us with the setup process, and the talented AV team at the University of Idaho made the sound and staging an absolute breeze. Whether people are blowing up inflatable animals, or navigating a tangled mess of DMX routing cables, we wholeheartedly appreciate the time and talent donated by people who just want to help.

After rigging up the stage, installing the sound equipment, filling the entire room with fog and testing the lighting, we were finally ready to fling open the doors, and let the growing mass of students come join the circus.



(Event video, photos and more in Part 2!)