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    SigGlo: A RAVE New Tradition at University of New Haven

    June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

SigGlo: A RAVE New Tradition at University of New Haven

The FundRaver crew headed from our home in the Pacific Northwest over to the east coast to produce the University of New Haven’s very first “SigGlo” event, hosted by Sigma Chi! Due to an onslaught of torrential rain, we moved the event to the German Club, in the heart of campus. However, this didn’t stop the dedicated students at UNH from packing the room wall-to-wall, and providing a heartfelt and positive vibe that we’ll never forget.


Sonus Live provided one of the largest lighting systems we’ve ever worked with, complete with massive beams of light cutting though the air and illuminating hundreds of dancing students as bass shook the walls and floor of the historic building. At one point, we were almost afraid the floor was going to give out from all the people jumping!



The energy and enthusiasm provided by the Sigma Chi brothers was utterly inspiring, and gave the event an electric air of positivity as they took to the dance floor as well as behind the scenes to ensure that everybody was not only partying safely, but having an amazing time. We truly can’t wait to work with this incredible group of guys again, and hope that University of New Haven will have us back soon!


As the finale to a week of philanthropic days of fundraising activities and events, SigGlo finished the night off with the unveiling of how much money had been raised in support of the Hunstman Cancer Institute, and we were blow away by the dedication and generosity of the Sigma Chi fraternity and students at UNH.


All in all, this was one of the most emotionally-fulfilling events we have ever done. The energy produced by the crowd was truly unique, and I genuinely cannot wait to come back to the east coast and party like this again. We at FundRaver strive for those moments in life that send chills up our spines and make us remember just how much beauty can be found in the wholesome interactions between our fellow human beings – and this trip was absolutely packed full of them.

“Fundraver was awesome, they truly threw a great party…and I’m so proud of what we all accomplished for this great cause!” -Mary Perucci, TeamREC derby


Much love,

DJ Anski

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