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June 9, 2014

SigGlo: A RAVE New Tradition at University of New Haven

The FundRaver crew headed from our home in the Pacific Northwest over to the east coast to produce the University of New Haven’s very first “SigGlo” event, hosted by Sigma Chi! Due to an onslaught of torrential rain, we moved the event to the German Club, in the heart of campus. However, this didn’t stop the dedicated students at UNH from packing the room wall-to-wall, and providing a heartfelt and positive vibe that we’ll never forget.


Sonus Live provided one of the largest lighting systems we’ve ever worked with, complete with massive beams of light cutting though the air and illuminating hundreds of dancing students as bass shook the walls and floor of the historic building. At one point, we were almost afraid the floor was going to give out from all the people jumping!



The energy and enthusiasm provided by the Sigma Chi brothers was utterly inspiring, and gave the event an electric air of positivity as they took to the dance floor as well as behind the scenes to ensure that everybody was not only partying safely, but having an amazing time. We truly can’t wait to work with this incredible group of guys again, and hope that University of New Haven will have us back soon!


As the finale to a week of philanthropic days of fundraising activities and events, SigGlo finished the night off with the unveiling of how much money had been raised in support of the Hunstman Cancer Institute, and we were blow away by the dedication and generosity of the Sigma Chi fraternity and students at UNH.


All in all, this was one of the most emotionally-fulfilling events we have ever done. The energy produced by the crowd was truly unique, and I genuinely cannot wait to come back to the east coast and party like this again. We at FundRaver strive for those moments in life that send chills up our spines and make us remember just how much beauty can be found in the wholesome interactions between our fellow human beings – and this trip was absolutely packed full of them.

“Fundraver was awesome, they truly threw a great party…and I’m so proud of what we all accomplished for this great cause!” -Mary Perucci, TeamREC derby


Much love,

DJ Anski

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March 8, 2014

University of Idaho – Part 2

Lasers cut through the fog. Pounding bass resonated throughout every adjacent room and floor of the campus commons building. The middle of the University of Idaho had turned into a full-blown rave. Guest DJs Errant and CnDyCain opened up the show with face-melting sets that pumped the crowd up into a rippling sea of excitement. The floor of the massive ballroom shook as hundreds of people partied upon it’s surface. This is what campus entertainment is all about.

DJ Anski’s set opened with a Big Gigantic’s heavy remix of Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us”. As the beat dropped, the three-dimensional projection stage came alive with colorful graphics, dancing to the tempo of the song. The energetic crowd yelled the lyrics at the top of their lungs and pushed forward against the barricade. Dropping into Dillon Francis’s “Masta Blasta” Rebirth, strobe lights suddenly filled the room with blinding white light, and the seething mass of student energy screamed with excitement. Anski took the crowd along a multi-genre journey, infusing classic songs with modern dance tracks, and dropped in familiar vocals that the students bellowed at the top of their lungs before throwing their hands in the air and losing themselves to the music.

After a pounding 90-minutes of electro, progressive house and some epic trap remixes – both the crowd and DJ Anski, joined voices to sing along to a high-energy remix of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” before finally ending the night. As the final notes of the song echoed throughout the ballroom, the room erupts into cheering, and Anski leaped off the stage to give sweaty hugs to the front row.

This was truly a memorable experience for us, and we thank everybody involved for being such a big part of it. The scene could not survive without the love, compassion and energy that it’s members express to each other and to everybody around them. We love you, University of Idaho – and we’ll see you again soon. <3

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March 8, 2014

University of Idaho – Part 1

University of Idaho’s ASUI Vandal Entertainment board hosted us for a groundbreaking campus event titled, “COME JOIN THE CIRCUS: A Massive Electronic Dance Party”. Hoping to introduce festival-style EDM events to campus, the board wanted to give the student body a totally new experience, unlike anything they had seen before. Naturally, we were absolutely thrilled to be able to expand the rave scene to another level in an area where dedicated EDM fans were few and far between.

We really wanted to bring the circus theme to life, so we ended up purchasing hundreds of feet of circus flags, a zoo’s worth of inflatable animals, balloons, glow sticks, as well as integrating various performance visuals into the new 3D configuration of our stage using projection mapping.

Since Moscow is so close, the crew decided we’d road trip it up there from our home base in Portland, and take a much-needed break from flying. After a few days of thoroughly testing the new lighting control system and projection stage at the NXT Lab, we pounded some Guayaki, crammed everything into a van, and hit the road.


A few hundred miles, three bathroom breaks, and a bunch of roadside thai food later, we were rolling through the golden fields of the Palouse.

We were fortunate to have some awesome volunteers show up and help us with the setup process, and the talented AV team at the University of Idaho made the sound and staging an absolute breeze. Whether people are blowing up inflatable animals, or navigating a tangled mess of DMX routing cables, we wholeheartedly appreciate the time and talent donated by people who just want to help.

After rigging up the stage, installing the sound equipment, filling the entire room with fog and testing the lighting, we were finally ready to fling open the doors, and let the growing mass of students come join the circus.



(Event video, photos and more in Part 2!)

August 12, 2013

Gonzaga University – Feb 2nd, 2013 – FundRaver

Hosted by HERO: A Gay-Straight Alliance, this event hoped to create a positive, safe, and high-energy atmosphere open for anybody and everybody to come enjoy the company of their fellow human beings. From the entire room thundering “We-are-G-U!!” during Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation to a swaying crowd singing along to a live mashup of “Fix You” and “Million Voices”, people danced, sang, laughed, cried, and felt connected as a whole within this beautiful shared experience. Gonzaga, we’re doing this again soon. Are you ready?

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May 14, 2013

Massive New Projection Mapping Stage!

Coinciding with the launch of the fundraver.com website, our new projection mapping stage is finally finished! The custom-built surfaces have all been mapped within our video software, capable of each acting as an individual screen. We can’t wait to take this on the road

November 2, 2012

Western Washington University – Nov 2nd, 2012 – FundRaver

Lights, lasers, dancing and beautiful people filled the multipurpose room once again for what might become the largest annual electronic dance event at Western Washington University. The amount of love that filled this room made the entire journey worth it. Thank you so much for hosting us Western, and I hope you’ll have us back again soon! (Photography by Nathaniel Young)
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January 20, 2012

Western Washington University – Jan 20, 2013 – FundRaver

Hitting maximum capacity half an hour into the DJ Anski set, the Glee Club at Western Washington University packed out the Multipurpose Room on Friday, Jan 20th to host a massive FundRaver event featuring Synthetic Colors and DJ Anski (djanski.com). The event was a major success, and was quite unlike any dance party WWU has ever seen. Hopefully, we’ll be able to come back and do it bigger, better and even crazier than before!

Headlining: DJ Anski
Opening Band: Synthetic Colors
Photos by: Nathaniel Young Photography
Editing by Sky Castle Studios
Organic Tea/Energy provided by GUAYAKI YERBA MATE!

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